Garcinia Cambogia

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Garcinia CambogiaOk, being a weight loss freak that I am, I am constantly scanning the internet for real stories of people who tried exotic plants as part of their weight losing schemes. I read so much I think I now am aware of the majority of information about weight found on the internet. You can ask me questions about anything, I’d probably had read about it already.

In the beginning of my efforts, I exercised mostly and cares less about my eating habits. This is because I knew I am not genetically predisposed to be a fatty, as I said before. This actually is a huge morale booster, because it is something you know it’s true, it’s not merely written somewhere on the internet, in which case you could surely put its authenticity into serious doubt.

There is something, however, that works well and I already tested it on myself. I have to say – its effect on my body was out of this world. This is some kind of alien medicine, what I thought it was once some visible results were present.

The name of the plant is garcinia cambogia. I came to it while browsing the exotic plants section of some well-being site, I’m not sure which one. What caught my eye was that this thing was used in diets designed to help people lose weight, without the hustle of all the side effects, which many non-standard diet supplements have in abundance. Don’t get me started on that subject cos I have a lot to say.

Anyway, so this plant  - it looks like a tiny pumpkin in shape – comes from indonesia originally (I think). I also remember I read something written by Dr. Julie Chen. Once I became a person who sought weight relieving remedies on a daily basis, she was one of the persons I read a lot about. She seems to know what she was talking about and I especially liked the fact her words were backed up by reality.

The little pumpkin, or as they call it, Garcinia cambogia, was designed for my body! Or so it felt, at least. It was acting upon the parts I needed to work on the most. As if it had a hidden formula that knew what I was after. Simply amazing! I also got visible results in less than a month! Which, to some may look like a big time frame, but once you know how time relates to losing weight, you begin to read it differently and learn to accept that all major changes take a lot of time and patience to take effect. Neither of which I had in the beginning of all this.

I already mentioned the bad side of side effects. The phrase itself has somewhat neutral meaning. I can stress had enough what side effects might mean in some cases. Never trust a medicine unless you are comfortable with the unwanted, but present, side processes that also take place and can actually create bigger problem for you, trying to solve another.

I mention that because the Garcinia plant do not have any. Yes, you read that right, And trust me, I know this because I had some times with other medicines. I had one very nasty rash from something I don’t quite remember, and one more time I think that is worth mentioning. The later was with an extract of a plant called stevia, I believe. And I also felt nauseous drinking something else before these too, which totally made me aware of the se-called side effects. I read everything about something I am about to try. Believe it or not, I got sick of a medicine which stated it had unpleasant effects only when used by animals… WDF! I

Anyway, after the little pumpkin plan there hadn’t been anything that worked so well for me. Please, feel free to ask me questions about it, I read all about it and could be of help to you, especially if you are new to testing unpopular methods, like I did.

The garcinia cambogia is an example of how perfect some things are working for our body chemistry. I am not sure if the beneficial effects depend on types of metabolism or what, but I am pretty sure there are some that are good, and some that are not so good. In some of my next entries I’ll explain my first person encounters with some of the not-so-good drugs I tried on my quest to having a thinner body.

PS. This ugly, fat monster…. that was me!


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  1. Susan says:

    Hi Patricia ,
    I recently started taking Garcinia Cambodia . I have put on so much weight from taking anxiety pills.i have a back problem so exercise can never be consistent . I have been taking mine for about 3 weeks . Last night my partner couldn’t stop raving about how much weight I have lost . I didn’t believe him so it must be working .I’ve been taking one a day because I keep forgetting the other . I’m going to get serious and take two a day I’ll let you know my results in 4 weeks . Cheers

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